Jurassic Park


In Jurassic Park the dialogue expresses a lot. For the most part in movies you will have a lot of your run to the mill conversations. This movie is no exception. It is not until you see things really go haywire, that the dialogue starts to make it’s mark. When you see all of the dinosaurs getting out of their cages and start going after all of the personnel, it brings on a feeling that is a bit uneasy. For us the audience we may gasp when something startles us, and during the film they are doing the same thing. When the children are in the kitchen trying not to get eaten by the Raptors, you can hear in the sisters voice, she is very scared and is trying to help her little brother get to safety. This makes very easy for us to put ourselves in the situation, reenacting how we would speak to each other in the same situation.


For Jurassic Park the sound plays one of the biggest roles in the movie, especially if you watch the movie in the theatre. When the scene with the T-Rex comes and the T-Rex roars you can really feel it. This is when you can appreciate the sound effects of the entire movie the most. With most of the dinosaurs being very scary as it is, being able to feel their presents through sound is something that is very pronounced throughout this film. With these vast types of sounds effects really gives the impression of an Adventure/Si-Fi/Thriller.

                Sound effects, to me, are not just to make the unbelievable believable, or to make sounds that make the movie realistic. They’re really there for the sake of storytelling. And one of the key things I try to keep in mind when doing sound effects work is how can we use sound effects to help tell a story. (Gary Rydstrom, 2009) 


One thing about the music that really does seem odd is that when they arrive at the facility, all of the background music seems to try and make the visitor comfortable and at ease. Which seems to be a bit of curve ball  due to everything that ends up happening during their visit. While all the daring and terrifying things that are happening, there is your usual dark and ominous music playing.


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